Dreams don’t work unless we do

I like to use the tag ‘Dream’ when I end emails and messages.

I have so many dreams about my business and singing and things I want to achieve in life.

My problem at times is that the dream will stay that unless I DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Dreams don’t work unless we do.

The problem with that is we as humans are often fearful of the struggle we will have to face.

We want things to be easy.

We are fearful of failure and the thought is if I fail- then I must be a failure.

But to learn, grow and succeed we have to fail, that is how we learn, grow and succeed.








Below is video of a presentation by Brene Brown. She is an expert on the study of vulnerability.

She speaks about hope.

Brene talks about hope as a function of struggle, through hard work to achievement.

Struggle is good.

Challenging and difficult experiences when combined with nuturing teaching and encouragement produce hope.

Learning music is a struggle. The struggle of learning, the struggle of practice. The struggle of consistent practice.

I am here to help students through the struggle.

Just remember, dreams don’t work unless we do.