Grade 5 AMEB

Grade 5 aural test for AMEB

Below is a pdf of the aural test for grade 5 AMEB:

grade 5 aural test for AMEB


You can find some practice exercises for each section of the aural test:

RHYTHM: The examiner will play twice a passage in duple or triple time. The candidate will then tap or clap the passage and state whether it is in duple or triple time:


PITCH: The examiner, having sounded on the pianoforte a note to be regarded as a keynote of the scale, the candidate will hum or sing and afterwards name any interval of the major scale as played by the examiner immediately in succession to the keynote.


PITCH: To hum or sing from memory the higher or lower part of a two part progression of three successive intervals within the limits of an octave form middle C played slowly by the examiner.

Higher part:





PITCH: The examiner having sounded any major or minor triad either in root position or an inversion played with the limits of an octave, the candidate will jum or sing all three notes, ascending or descending as required.